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Get Hired Post-Graduation: 5 Key Moves for College Students

January 19, 2024 in Job resources


Let’s face it, today’s job market is tough. We’re in an economic gray area where we’re not exactly struggling, but not booming either. This has companies very nervous. With some slowing their hiring pace and others downsizing. Unfortunately, college students are taking most of the hits. According to The Washington Post, college students are among […]


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How to write a great cover letter in 2024. [With examples]

August 5, 2023 in Job resources


Cover letters may seem outdated. But believe it or not, they are still one of the best ways to make your resume stand out. Think about it, if a hiring manager is spending hours going through a tower of resumes, they’re all going to eventually sound the same.  Cover letters allow you to grab the […]


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