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When your goal is to enhance your team with pivotal roles in management, finance, IT, HR, operations, and technical across the nation, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to empower your company’s growth by seamlessly integrating with your team.


Our strategy in cultivating the strengths of every professional we collaborate with has established us as a reliable partner in Direct Hire services. Boasting a diverse pool of highly skilled candidates, we consistently connect you with the top talent that often goes unnoticed by larger agencies.

Real Testimonials From Great Connections

I would not doubt the ability SlingShot Connections has to provide me with qualified candidates that understand my company culture. Even after 3 years, we have great talent on our team with an available pool to expand due to their diligence and recruitment efforts. It's difficult to find engineering candidates for niche roles, but they do it well and understand how to work with us. - HR Professional in Manufacturing

Thank you for identifying talent that matches our niche needs. In looking for a Director of Loss Prevention, we were hesitant to leverage a search firm. After working with Anne, she understands the urgency of communication, making recommendations on what the industry trends are to enhance our hiring process and more importantly, she understood our needs as a company and the nuances of hiring in this field. - Senior Executive, Retail Chain

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We’re here to connect you with the industry’s finest professionals for your critical roles. Our focus on Direct Hire placements means we’re committed to finding the perfect fit for your team’s needs. Contact us now, and let’s get started on securing your company’s future success.